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50 feet

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66 A1





Amsterdam , Montgomery County, NY , USA


No Known Alternate Names



An old postcard image from the archive



In June of 2002, I got an email from John Vidulich in New York who offered some information on these falls. He said that the falls are known as the Falls of Adruitha, not the Falls of Adrintha as the postcard states. They are on Evas Kill in Cranesville, New York. He is also almost 100% certain the falls are on private property, so until I hear otherwise, I'll suggest that the image I have on this site will have to suffice. Thanks for the update. In May of 2003, I received further information from Scott Klug: "Just wanted to provide you with some information in regards to the above mentioned falls. I have visited these falls when I was putting together a documentary on the Cranesville area. They are located at the foot of Swart Hill road east of Amsterdam. They are situated on private property (the owners name slips my memory at the moment) but they are located behind the A-frame home at the base of Swart Hill. During the summer months, the falls pretty much cease to exist as the flow of water is primarily generated by undergound spings. The picture you have on your site obviously is from winter at a time when the falls are really and truly beautiful. The site of the falls was also a summer retreat back in olden days and as referred to as Camp Dorn. The area was also the site of Indian camp ground. A really good source of information to look into is a book by the late Montgomery county historian Katherine Strobeck on the history of the Cranesville area and surrounding areas." As it works out, the falls aren't actually on Evas Kill, but one drainage to the east. As stated before, the falls are on private property and I respectfully request that you honor the landowner's wishes if the property is in fact posted.


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