This is one of the Best waterfalls in the Northeast



 Abs Mag:


 Beisel Rating:

1.75 (Class 2)


108 feet

 Tallest Drop:

108 feet

 # of Drops:





Avalanche Brook






USGS Crawford Notch 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


44 E4



The falls from the base, click to enlarge

The falls from the base, click to enlarge

An old postcard image from the archive, click to enlarge



Harts Location , Carroll County, NH , USA


No Known Alternate Names



An old postcard image from the archive



Ripley Falls is the kind of waterfall that will stand on its own as a destination, but has so many other good waterfalls nearby that it doesn't have to. Ripley Falls is a neighbor to Arethusa Falls, Coliseum Falls, Bemis Brook Falls, Kedron Flume, Nancy Cascades, and suspected waterfalls on Davis Brook and Willey Brook, not to mention the waterfalls at the Gates of the Notch. Ripley Falls has a signed trail head, ample parking, and to boot, the hike is pretty easy. The falls are well worth the trip. With a bit of daring, and a healthy dose of common sense, it is possible to make it up the right side and come out above the falls. Make absolutlely sure to stay well away from the cliff's edge. I climbed to the crest in low water, when the rocks were dry. The view is magnificent. Do not do this if the rocks are even SLIGHTLY wet! A 100+ foot fall to the boulders at the bottom of the falls would be fatal. Besides, I did the work for you! As a bonus, there is a forgotten waterfall called Sparkling Cascade about half a mile upstream. When Avalanche Brook forks, take the tributary on the right.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:

The falls slide down a New Hampshire-shaped face of Mount Osceola Granite.




Photography Notes:

This waterfall shouldn't be missed. You'll want your tripod, a polarizer, and a warming filter. Normal focal lengths (28-80mm) should be adequate to capture the falls. The northeastern exposure could be sun scorched in the mid afternoon on a clear day, so shoot on overcast days, or during sweet light. Late afternoon light is very very flattering here.



Take Route 302 into Crawford Notch. About 3.4 miles south of height of land, you'll turn into the well marked parking area for Ripley Falls. Park in the ample parking lot and the falls are 6/10 of a mile and 400 vertical feet away.