Abs Mag:


 Beisel Rating:

3.29 (Class 4)


280 feet

 Tallest Drop:


 # of Drops:





Cascade Alpine Brook






USGS Berlin 7 1/2"


Aerial Photography


49 F9



A telephoto shot from across the valley, click to enlarge

An old postcard image from the archive, click to enlarge



Gorham , Coos County, NH , USA


No Known Alternate Names



A telephoto shot from across the valley



Alpine Cascades are a curious series of waterfalls. It's fairly tall and steep, but there is a large ugly mill building more or less at the base of the falls. I haven't been to the falls, but rather shot them from across the valley with a telephoto lens. If someone got close to the falls, they might be very impressive. In a distance of about a mile, the stream loses just shy of 700' of elevation. There appears to be some sort of reservoir at about the 1220' contour. Below the reservoir, the streambed gradient gets very steep, losing about 300' of elevation in about 800 linear feet of distance. Closer scrutiny of the falls might increase the rating of this waterfall. A cautionary note: the terrain around the falls looks quite steep, so if you should visit the falls, be aware of, and stay within your limitations. The falls end quite abruptly in what looks to be a drop of anywhere from 60 to 100 feet.


Geology and Bedrock Structure:



These falls were named by J.R. Hitchcock, proprietor of the Alpine House in Gorham. The falls were a common day excursion for his guests. The aerial photos suggest a series of cascades. I've seen several old photos that show people in period dress and a series of wooden stairs ascending up the right side of the lowest tier of the cascades.


Photography Notes:

You'll need a telephoto lens of at least 300mm to get any kind of view of the falls from the Route 16 vantage point. Presuming that closer access is possible, the standard kit (polarizer and warming filters, and a tripod) should do the trick.



The falls are visible across the valley on Route 16, just south of Berlin. The USGS maps show a trail to the falls from the end of Burgess Avenue, but I haven't field truthed this yet. If any intrepid local explorer has any information, I'd sure appreciate a yell.